IGNITE CONSULTING is a full-service project management company, with an expertise in event management. Versed in many aspects of marketing and communications, our goal is to provide additional support for clients by developing and bringing to life small to medium scale projects from conception to execution.

Acting as an extension to your current in-house team, we work to understand your brand and culture in order to ensure projects are delivered on brand and add value for your business objectives. Whether this be a digital project, photo shoot or promotional campaign.

We are experts in creating exciting experiences to ignite brand growth and engage consumers. Click here to learn more about the services we provide.
Raphaela Turner, director at IGNITE CONSULTING, has more than 10 years professional experience in events and project management. Her passion and drive for brand experiences has allowed her to deliver effective projects that bridge brands to their audiences in creative and memorable ways. Raphaela has a love for connecting and working with diverse cultures and audiences, that allows her to further enhance her understanding and knowledge of global markets.

Raphaela has led projects for major international brands including but not limited to Volkswagen, Grey Goose, Ducati, Hennessy, Porsche and Evian.
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